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When you buy a property in Spain you need to Budget approximately 10% on top of your agreed property purchase price, this will cover the associated costs incurred when buying a property in Spain, i.e. legal fees, including notary public fees, land registry, stamp duty and VAT (called in Spain "Impuesto sobre el Valor Añadido” or "IVA”).

Once you have an idea of the type of property that you are looking for, area and your planed budget it’s advisable then to speak to an estate agent. A good Estate Agent will know the local area and will be the first to know when a new property comes to market.
Tips to help you get the most from estate agents when buying a property:
  • Be clear about your requirements - tell the agent which of your property requirements are fixed, and which are more flexible.
  • Be clear about the locations that you will and won't consider.
  • Demonstrate that you are a proceedable buyer - this will help to ensure you are in the agents mind when suitable properties come to market.
  • After viewings give as much feedback to your estate agent as possible – this will allow the agent to get a more accurate idea of what you like and dislike, this will help immensely when they match your requirements with a suitable property.  (This will also save you valuable time and energy)

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